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Image of Kids Code Camp Begins in Collaboration with The Change Engine.

Kids Code Camp Begins in Collaboration with The Change Engine.

New week, new challenge. 

The Incubator kickstarted the week with the Kids Code Camp or Tech Summer Camp for the long holidays.

Organised by the non-profit organisation called The Change Engine, the latter has a mission to unlock Africa's potential through technology. The African continent missed out on the industrial revolution, the dot-com boom and efforts such as these, are to close the gaps to ascend to a hitch-free digital and technological future. The goal of this tech camp is to develop the digital skills of the youth (8 - 18yrs) of today to close the skills gap in technology within the continent in the near future.


Using very creative ways to get the kids to learn programs that make them technically competent, they will learn coding using python and scratch, including website design. To enable the kids to face real-world problems, they are taught tools on navigating the modern workplace, career orientation for the future of work and introduction to the 4th industrial revolution. To crown the session, they will have to pitch a project and are provided skills such as capstone project, project design and pitching to support this.  


This session will run from July to August 2022. The first session is from 11th - 30th July 2022 and the next will run from  1st - 20th August 2022. It is running at three locations:

- American International School Douala - Bonapriso

- Cambridge International School Bonanjo and 

- BBIncubator Ancienne Route Bonaberi. 

For just 50,000frs your 8 - 18yrs old could be equipped with key skills for life. Make hay whilst the sun shines. 

Contact The Change Engine team at +237 654 737 267 / 658 248 387.


BBIncubator intends to run after-school coding classes when school resumes and the plan is to extend this programme to all the regions of Cameroon. 

Do you know people around Bonaberi, and Douala that might be interested in this programme? Do not hesitate to get in touch with the incubator. 

You can email us at enquiries@bbincubator.org or call us at 233 392 425/ 651769 149.