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Image of Franchise Agreement between BBIncubator and Savana Islamic Finance

Franchise Agreement between BBIncubator and Savana Islamic Finance

We are delighted to announce the signing of a Franchise Agreement between Boris Bison Youth Empowerment Business Incubator and Savana Islamic Finance in Cameroon.Through this franchise agreement, Savana Islamic Microfinance has given us the power to operate it's banking agencies in Bonaberi, the South West Region, the NorthWest and the Western Regions of Cameroon.

This franchise agreement aligns with BBIncubators' vision to build an ecosystem of successful and sustainable businesses while boasting financial inclusion and promoting entrepreneurial growth within the region.

SAVANA ISLAMIC Microfinance is a leading microfinance institution, committed to fostering socio-economic development through its innovative financial solutions. With a focus on SAVANA Islamic financial principles, SAVANA ISLAMIC Microfinance has successfully provided inclusive financial services to marginalized communities and individuals in various parts of the world.

The franchise agreement between SAVANA ISLAMIC Micro Finance and BBIncubator is an exceptional collaboration that combines the strengths and expertise of both organizations. Through this partnership, the aim is to establish a network of SAVANA Islamic microfinance institutions across Cameroon, enabling greater financial inclusion and offering entrepreneurial support to local communities.
This collaborative effort will pave the way for the introduction of innovative financial products tailored to the needs of the people in Cameroon.

Furthermore, BBIncubator will play a crucial role in guiding and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs in their journey towards building sustainable and successful businesses.The signing ceremony took place today 13/09/2023 in Douala where the leadership teams of both SAVANA ISLAMIC Microfinance and BBIncubator were in attendance. The event marked the beginning of a promising alliance, dedicated to enhancing economic empowerment and bridging the gap of financial inclusion in Cameroon

It is our firm belief that this partnership will catalyze economic growth, create employment opportunities and build a striving, inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Cameroon.