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Co Working Space

The BB Incubator is a platform to nurture and develop entrepreneurial minds in the city. It provides its members with a well-structured mentorship lab and program that helps people connect, increase knowledge and skills necessary to build a business and achieve their goals. The program is structured around specific milestones so that each phase of the process is optimized for learning. Mentees are trained, coached, and monitored by experts in different domains. Mentees also get to work at a co-working space within the facility found on the first flour that is equipped with an air conditioner, projector and internet connectivity etc., in order to host about 16 to 25 people. We encourage you to come and benefit from our very own state of the art equipment and infrastructure.

Flexible spaces that meet your needs

Whether you need a desk for hybrid or remote employees, move-in ready offices for teams of any size, or a new headquarters — we have the solution.

Workspace when you want it

Book an office at anytime and get immediate access, feel free to settle into an office for as long as you want. 24/7 we are open for business and ready to serve.