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The Boris Bison Youth Empowerment Business Incubator Mentorship Programme is here to respond to Goal 1 and Goal 4 of the Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission is to equip the youth aged 20 – 35 years old to gain more knowledge that will empower them to push through on their business aspirations, become self-sufficient in the process and hopefully grow it to employ people from within their communities. This way, they can strengthen themselves to absorb unemployment shocks and provide a spine for their communities to stand on.

Help us to continue running this programme for little to no fee and building a sustainable community of tomorrow, which is sustainable, solution-seeking, creative and entrepreneurial through taking action.

The Mentorship Programme’s target is to

Develop capacity

Transfer knowledge through sharing it

Strengthen existing businesses to grow

Encourage those in the ideation phase to move to launch.

Become our funding partner to facilitate us achieving this goal faster and more efficiently. In our partnership, we are also looking to multiple stakeholders such as businesses, other non-governmental organisations, international development organisations, funding agencies and business networks within the country, continent and beyond. The target audiences for our mentorship programmes and co-working spaces are university graduates, start-ups, sole traders at the early stages, policymakers and business people.

Reasons to Become a Funding Partner

You can gain visibility for your goodwill as your support will be acknowledged at conferences, in reports, our website and newsletters.
Exert influence by being involved in the business incubator space and staying close to new developments that will come through our network of policymakers, business people and international organisations.
Access advice to a forum of experts and practitioners in the business and tech world.

Funding Principles

  • Funding is required by the incubator to run the programmes and activities with some autonomy. The decision-making capacity on the use of funds will be relegated to the Executive Committee of the incubator.
  • Given that the funds are to support the vision and mission of the incubator, a funding partner must renounce to try and pursue their own goals unless they are aligned to those of the incubator’s mentorship programme and activities.
  • Should a Funding partner support or participate in any fundraising activities, they will work in collaboration with the Executive Committee of the Incubator, to ensure that the activities fulfil the mission and vision of the Incubator; and the said activities are steered by the Executive Committee and programme leads.
  • To guarantee transparency, funding rules have been put in place to ensure that the manner in which funds are managed is accounted for and decisions clearly communicated. We understand the importance of creating firewalls between the different roles (coordination, implementation, review), to assure a transparent funding/spending structure.
  • A funding partner will be explicitly acknowledged in all the communication materials related to the activity sponsored.
  • A funding partner does not gain any decision-making powers nor automatic seat on the Advisory Board of the Incubator.
  • A funding partner cannot be paid to undertake work on the same programme or activity which they have funded.
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