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Emmanuel Atsu

Innovation Mentor | Entrepreneur |


Emmanuel Atsu is a highly experienced Strategy Advisor with a science and technology background, and Entrepreneur. He is a highly experienced Business Analyst who has successfully led the planning, improvement, and innovation initiatives in a wide variety of teams, organizations, and cultures. This has made him sit on multiple boards and serves as a strategic advisor to several companies. He is the CEO of Royal Shemesh Ltd; A company that is into renewable energy , IT solutions, business development consulting, Project management, Investment Management, and Cybersecurity.

He is a business consultant who hassupervised projects across various regions which include renewable energy, fintech, real estate , Information Technology and many more. He is also focused on solving problems across different sectors by leveraging emerging technologies and innovations.

He happens to be a co-founder of various businesses in Ghana and across the globe. He is also skilled in Negotiation, Marketing, and Strategic Planning. He is a strong business development professional with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) focused in Chemistry from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi-Ghana. He has undertaken studies in Renewable energy, International business management, Project management, Investment management, and Digital Transformation.

He is a business executive that has developed mastery in several industries over the years. He is an astute researcher and an effective business leader.

He is a business consultant who offers consultation and coaching to business owners. His robust knowledge in the field of technology and innovation has made him a well-recognized and sought-after man in discussions of the digital age in Africa and beyond.

He is an outstanding solutionist in the business world. He provides solutions for business development. Through his extensive global network, he facilitates linkages that lead to growth, access to new market entrants, trade, partnerships and, investment opportunities across the globe.