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Pamela Bongkiyung


Who is Pamela Bongkiyung

Pamela Bongkiyung is a communications strategist who is passionate about technology and how it can lead to an informed citizenry for the development of society. A television journalist by profession, she is a versatile communications and journalism professional, with an understanding of the news gathering, research, and multimedia storytelling process. I have developed extensive skills and experience in delivering strategic policy research support, communications, social media strategy development, stakeholder engagement and identifying opportunities for a business to grow its revenue, brand and deploy its marketing strategy.

Pamela has worked extensively in journalism as a news anchor, news reporter and producer, to specialising in strategic communications for international development programmes and in the start-up scene. 

Pamela started her career by working for her local member of parliament in Carshalton as an intern, handling correspondence between the constituent community and channelling them to the various offices of government. She moved on to work at the London Vox Africa TV station as a news anchor, news reporter and associate producer for a prime-time show, handling topical issues relating to Africans in the diaspora and how changes in government and regulations in Europe impacted relations with countries on the African continent. 

She then moved on to work in Corporate Affairs at the National Health Service in Kingston, working at the Executive Office overseeing administrative affairs of the nursing department and capacity development for departmental heads. 

Pamela worked in programme management for Cass Business School in the city, handling fortune 500 clients overseeing all activities and planning to realise their executive education. She then moved to Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine where she worked as Programme Officer overseeing communications and research uptake activities for the project in Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria and Liberia. She worked on research synthesis to create impact and drive policy changes that will improve lives through health policies in those countries.

At the Boris Bison Youth Empowerment Business Incubator, Pamela handles communication, marketing, corporate affairs and business strategy development