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Franklin Owusu-Karikari

INVESTMENT MENTOR | Entrepreneur | Author | Financial Expert

Who is Franklin Owusu-Karikari

Franklin Owusu-Karikari is a TEF PAN African Entrepreneur, a Business Coach, Author, Speaker, certified trainer in Entrepreneurship Development, a Certified Expert SME Finance and Certified Expert Agricultural Finance. Franklin is currently the Director of Business Support & Policy for the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme under the Office of the President in Ghana. Franklin is a co-founder of couple of companies in Ghana. Franklin is a former Managing Director of a 21 branch Financial Institution and A former General Manager of a private Television company in Ghana. Franklin is an IBA Accelerator and a mentor. He currently trains thousands of young professionals in Ghana and across Africa to Build sustainable businesses to compete on the global stage. He is currently the Chairman of the Ghana Start-up Act Committee. Franklin enjoys training start-ups and SME’s on how to build businesses from scratch, developing blue prints for start-ups, fundraising for start-ups and SME’s, Business Management skills and building strong corporate governance systems. He is a top-class SME Consultant and sits on many Business Panel pitches Across Ghana and Africa. He is currently the lead team member for the Ministry of Business Development and NEIP for the World bank project and part of the Technical Committee on the Ghana Economic Transformation programme with the World Bank.