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Mbah Aguh

Impact Mentor | Entrepreneur | Consultant | Agro Engineer | Speaker


As the Crops and forest production value chain finance program officer of the Agricultural growth poles (Agropoles) programme/Ministry of Economy planning Regional Development, Aguh Mbah Wai-Tanyi is both diligent in his agribusiness Practice and committed to the profession. He joined the Programme in 2014 after serving as an Agricultural Lending and Collection officer in the Agribusiness Unit of the Cameroon Cooperative Credit Union League (CamCCUL), Field Development Agent in Holland farming and Agricultural production/Livelihood program officer in the North West Farmers’ Organization (NOWEFOR). While in CamCCUL, he provided financial and basic production education to Credit Union members who are farmers in Famers’ Business Schools under the GIZ Sustainable Cocoa Business program among many other tasks. 

He has also served as a junior consultant (agriculture value-chain development expert) in the Support program for small and medium-sized agricultural and agri-food enterprises (PMEAA) and a Consultant with CEMBUC Cameroon offering Landscape and Gardening Services at the US Embassy Yaounde, Cameroon. With about 10 years of experience, he is multi-talented, enthusiastic and experienced and promotes the development and finance of the agricultural value chains in Cameroon. He also advocates for Biodiversity conservation as a member of the Global Youth biodiversity Conservation Network

Aside from being an Agronomist / Agricultural value chain development and finance expert, Aguh Mbah is a Youth coach/mentor/counselor. He’s done a lot for the empowerment of youth. He believes in transforming Cameroon through youth entrepreneurship and education. He is interested and has been serving in turning ideas into viable business propositions by providing all the important business services, pertinent to production, processing, management training and basic marketing training to agricultural entreprises amongst others. He is a frequent face in the television, conferences, seminars etc, when dealing with cases about youths.

Aguh Mbah was born and raised in Bamenda, Douala and Dschang in Cameroon. He obtained his Bachelor degree in Agronomy and Agricultural sciences (Agricultural Engineering), in the University of Dschang in 2010. Upon completion he served in various capacities as mentioned above and was trained in Agriculture Finance within an Agriculture Finance initiative of CamCCUL in partnership with the World Bank, supported technically by FAO and IPC (International Project Consult, a German based consultancy firm).  He is currently completing a Master’s Degree in Economics of the Environment, Rural Development and Agri-Food (All course work completed pending defence on the topic, Youth Participation in Agricultural Value Chains in Cameroon: Case of the Noun Division)in the University of Yaounde II (Soa), Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences.