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Boris N. Ngala

BBIncubator CEO & HUB MANAGER | Entrepreneur | Speaker | Investor

Who is Boris N. …

Boris Ngala is a highly experienced dynamic speaker, investor and entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Boris Bison SARL, a company organized and existing under the laws of the Republic of Cameroon. With his head office at Ancienne Route Bonaberi, Douala,Cameroon. His company is licenced to carry out mechanized agriculture, import And export, contracts and supplies and real estate. With over 8 years of practical entrepreneurship, he is highly skilled in customer service, negotiations, marketing, strategic planning and business development coaching.

As a dynamic speaker Boris Ngala has sat on boards and appeared on Cameroon TV channels to discuss business, motivation and entrepreneurship. He also serves as a strategic business advisor.  He is a business executive that has developed mastery in several industries over the years, executed business deals in various African countries where he gained extensive experience within the East, West and Central African regions.

He provides solutions for aspiring entrepreneurs  in Cameroon through The Boris Bison Youth Empowerment  Business Incubator. His vision is to alleviate poverty and job scarcity, and to establish successful businesses among young Cameroonian entrepreneurs.

He is a passionate investor in farming, with the view of running a second generation of mechanized agriculture in Cameroon to increase production and food processing with the aim of achieving the No Hunger Sustainable Development Goal. Through his extensive global network built over the years, he has established access to new market entrants, trade partnership and investment opportunities across Cameroon and the African continent. He is part of the new wave of young ambitious innovative entrepreneurs who focus on Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) strategies to address socio-economic problems facing the African continent.