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Entrepreneurial & Enterprise Development

The Boris Bison Incubator programme will coach, train and mentor young entrepreneurs every 3 months, that will expose them to how the corporate environment works, with good corporate governance, project management, while learning best business practices. The programme will help participants develop a business plan, understand business policies that create successful enterprise. The programme will train participants on how to use the internet to grow their business with proper commercial correspondence and communication skills, using modern payment gateways for faster business transaction, and how to get loans to facilitate their business.

Ideas with BBIncubator


Ideation workshops, Masterclasses, Co-working spaces, Newsletters, Events/Networking, Ecosystem Access

Build and Grow with BBIncubator

Build and Grow

Tech-enablement, Workshops on a variety of topics or to accelerate business growth, Online learning, Mentorship

Grow and Scale with BBIncubator

Grow and Scale

Mentorship, Preparation for funding, access to specialised skills

Incubator Services

BBIncubator Service package

Service package

Access to Computing devices, Cloud Services and ICT/IoT prototyping, high speed internet connection.

Get BBIncubator Mentorship and Support

Mentorship & Support

Access to our network of scientific, business, impact and investment experts from international corporations, foundations, universities and IGOs

Access to BBIncubator Business Network

Business Network

Access to networking events and conferences, including a stand and stage time at the BBYEBI annual summit, and access to potential clients.

BBIncubator Fund-Raising Support

Fund-Raising Support

Provide support in preparing and running investor pitches, which will include training sessions with investors directly and more

Other Benefits

Seed Funding

Boris Bison Youth Empowerment Business Incubator can provide entrepreneurs with access to early stage capital

Office Space

Boris Bison incubator shared space provides physical resources, a professional environment, and a community of peers. We let start-ups stay up to 2 years to realise their set goals and objectives.

Management Assistance

We help social entrepreneurs address strategic and operational challenges that are common to new organizations, and avoid reinventing the wheel. We aim at capturing best practices.