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Special Announcement - Finance your Startup

Finance your Startup

In its recent tech endeavors, BBIncubator has built a sustainable tech ecosystem of entrepreneurs who use innovative tech based solutions to solve local issues that primarily affect the community. It is in this light that BBIncubator launches its first Tech Pitch Contest for Cameroonian young entrepreneurs. The window for the application of this competition is from 18/09/2023- 18/10/2023.

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Alleviating job scacity and poverty through youth Entrepreneuship Empowerment.

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Cameroon has a burgeoning under-25 population who on graduation join the hustling economy without any prospects of securing a reliable job in the formal economy. Many are plunged into multiple levels of poverty and have no way of using the knowledge they gained from school to improve their lives. The Boris Bison Youth Empowerment Incubator by way of a solution is on a mission to curb poverty in Cameroon. This will be through a rigorous entrepreneurship programme to empower the youth by coaching, training, mentoring and monitoring them to run successful businesses, and lift themselves out of poverty.

The programme aims to address the day to day challenges facing new start-ups which include proper location for business germination, and start-ups. Supplying adequate electricity supply and water, free and fast internet connection, free start-up resources and office space, while linking them together for development of their entrepreneur techniques and vision.

If you don't do what you know, what you know will do you

Ngala Boris - CEO BBIncubator

The BBI Incubator is a platform to nurture and develop entrepreneurial minds in the city. It provides its members with a well-structured mentorship lab and program that helps people connect, increase knowledge and skills necessary to build a business and achieve their goals. The program is structured around specific milestones so that each phase of the process is optimized for learning. Mentees are trained, coached, and monitored by experts in different domains.

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Ngala Boris - BBIncubator

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